Choosing Your Builder…

Where To Find One?

These days Google is a great place to start… but this can be confusing in itself, especially if you are still coming to terms with this new digital world we live in! If you are looking for a service, in particular, don’t forget to add your state, city, or suburb into the search as there is no point looking at websites for builders in another state!  So for example, if it’s a pergola builder you are after – you could start by searching up Pergolas Adelaide or Verandahs Adelaide, etc.

Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations…

You will see that most companies have a Google star rating and when you click on the stars you can read reviews customers have posted.  This is a good indication of what kind of service the company provides, however there are other ways to check further. If you see a company that looks like it might have what you are looking for it would also pay to have a look at their Facebook or Instagram pages where you can check for more reviews, comments and photos of their work. Yellow Pages Online is another good place to look.

Ask Around!

Another great way to find a good builder is a good old fashioned word of mouth.  Ask friends and work colleagues if they can recommend anyone in the industry.  Perhaps they have had some work done recently or maybe one of their friends or family members has. If you are on Facebook you can post a request “Looking for Recommendations” –  you will be surprised how many people respond.  Positive word of mouth from friends or friends of family and friends is probably one of the most reliable indicators of a company’s reputation.

Get a Written Quote!

Once you are happy with what you have seen online –websites, social media, photos, reviews and recommendations, it’s time to start making some calls or online inquiries.  Try and choose about 3 companies that appeal to you so that you can compare products and prices.  If you don’t get at least 2 or 3 quotes you will have nothing to compare to, but on the flip side – if you get too many quotes you will find yourself getting very confused! When you book your quote, you may wish to have your partner or another family member or friend present to help you with any ideas, suggestions or decisions that need to be made – to make sure you choose a time that suits everyone.

Ask Lots Of Questions!

Before the salesperson comes to your home, have a think about your budget and exactly what you would like.   Look for pictures online or in magazines and make a list of questions and concerns you may have regarding every aspect – from the construction process, materials used, council requirements, time frames, payment methods, warranties, after-sales service, etc.

Do Some Investigating!

Make sure the company is fully licensed and insured.  Builders Licences can be quickly and easily checked using this link –

Another great place to visit is the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission website where you will find valuable information and consumer advice.


Lastly, and most importantly…

 Don’t be fooled by high-pressure commission based sales people!  If they are genuine and want your business then the price they give you today should be valid for at least 30 days. 

 Don’t ever feel pressured to sign up on the spot – take your time, compare your quotes and be confident in your decision!

 Best of luck!